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How We Work

As needed consulting

As-needed support, long-term or short-term. Big on impact and low on budget. Decades of experience allow us to hit the ground running. Primed to produce results at every growth phase. We can work weekly, monthly, and/or we can be on standby for any unexpected needs (we all know business can be volatile)


Laser-focus. Ideal for mission-critical initiatives (i.e. new sales initiatives, events, sales team expansion) or when revenue has stalled. When you need immediate changes to turn things around quickly. Drop-in an outside Sales Director to ensure your initiative is executed properly and sales are maximized.

Outside Sales Leader

For companies that need an Outside Sales Manager or Director to create or take over their Sales Department. Get the expertise and hands-on help without paying a Director or Managers Salary + benefits. Pay per performance structure.

Who do we help?

CEO/Biz owner’s who are spending too much time managing sales. Managing by “Spray and Pray” and always scrambling to make sales
  1. Are you managing by crisis, spending your time managing instead of running your company?

  2. Are you so focused on Sales, you have no time to spend time with your team, let alone hire a top-level Salesperson?

You’re maintaining and not growing - Previous scaling efforts have failed
  1. Do you want to scale but it’s currently only a dream because you are responsible for driving revenue?

  2. Are you managing instead of running your company?  

  3. Do you have an under-performing Sales Team or a team that needs constant attention just to do the minimum?

  4. Is your conversion low or worse, are you unsure?

  5. Are you looking at the right metrics to improve and scale your sales division?

Your business suffers from Sales turnover and poor culture
  1. Do you feel like you are ALWAYS recruiting?  Or paying someone to recruit for you?

  2. Do you know that you have a winning Sales Culture?

  3. Do you have someone on your team doing the Sales recruiting who is not qualified?

Your prospects and clients are not getting the best experience - you are losing sales, and your hard-earned reputation might be taking a hit

Are all of your clients having the same, fantastic experience? Or…is it all over the map, impacting your reviews, testimonials, and your hard-earned reputation?

You have NO sales leadership support - no strategic partner to help navigate through challenges and opportunities
  1. Are you the CEO and the Sales Manager?  Do you have a Sales Manager ready to become your Director of Sales?

  2. Who supports you, your company when you have a critical revenue/sales decision? 

  3. How much does your leadership team/coach help you strategize?

If you identified with any of the challenges above, book a call with us for a complete and thorough Sales Growth Audit.
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