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Top producers, the 20%, generate 10 times more revenue than a low tier salesperson, or the 80%. What if you could hire top-tier salespeople, the top 20%? What would your business look like?

Hiring the right salesperson is extremely challenging. The startling truth is that only 23% of salespeople are above average at selling. This means that without the proper recruiting knowledge and processes, an employer will choose the wrong candidate 4 out of 5 times!

When you hire the right salesperson, you’ll save time and your revenue will skyrocket..

When you hire the wrong salesperson, the opposite is true.

According to Leadership IQ, only 19% of new employees will be successful. They go on to say, that 82% of hiring managers knew they were making a bad hiring decision but they “were too focused on other issues, too pressed for time, or lacked confidence in their interviewing abilities to heed the warning signs.”

Considering it takes between 60 and 80 hours to hire a salesperson and considering the average cost of hiring the wrong salesperson (including recruiting, training and lost production) is over $100,000, smart business owners need a better way.

Take a look at some statistics every small business owner should know

How important is Sales Training?

Once you hire a salesperson, will you give them the right training to succeed? A study of 540 sales organizations showed that a continuous investment in sales training resulted in a 50% net increase per sales representative. What can small business owners do?

 As a business owner,
you have 3 options

Option #1

Hire and train
your salespeople yourself.

There is a time and a place to cut costs and hiring for sales is not one of them. 73% of employers are struggling to find qualified candidates resulting in 43% of employers hiring just to fill a position.

Business owners often think adding a salesperson is simple – interview once, maybe twice and boom! They have a new rep. What they don’t realize is they are essentially “winging it.” Guess what happens when you “wing it”? You get “wing it” results.

Can you really afford to waste all that time with the wrong person, letting them work with your hard earned leads or worse yet, work with your best clients? Your reputation, the future of your business, is in the hands of your salespeople.


Only 23% of salespeople are above average at selling which means without the proper recruiting knowledge, processes and experience, an employer will choose the wrong candidate 4 out of 5 times.

Option #2

Hire a recruiter
to find your salespeople.

The challenge with this option – this will cost your organization $15,000-$30,000. And that is ONLY to screen resumes and set up interviews for you to perform. Training? Nope. 2nd and 3rd interviews? Nope. You’ll get a cookie cutter approach to find your new hire and you will still need to spend 30 hours of your time reviewing and interviewing candidates.

You will still be responsible for training your salesperson to reach peak performance. Are you confident this approach will find your next rockstar who could eventually become the next leader in your company?


Investing in sales training increases a company’s revenue by an average of 24%

Salespeople earn 218% more when given good sales training than those without.

Option #3

Bring in the experts, your secret weapon, your Director of Sales for hire.

We have a proven system that has allowed us to hire over
1200 Salespeople as well as Sales Managers and Directors for all different types of businesses.

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Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP)

We begin by understanding all the facets of your business, including your sales process, your culture, and history. We do a detailed analysis of what will help your company, both from a brand standpoint as well as a revenue standpoint. This is the crux of everything we do, from creating the Ad to outlining the interview strategy and questions. Hours of research and interviews done individually and then we spend 3 hours whiteboarding your ICP until we have our Avatar.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll research your industry, your market, and your peers. We’ll review the steps your competition is taking to find talent, understanding what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

The Ad

Your Ad will both attract our ICP and push away those that aren’t going to be a fit. This is a labor-intensive process which takes creativity and “the know how”. “Normal” ads yield about a 15% view rate and of the 15%, the application rate is typically 10%. Our Ads garner a 50% view rate and a 35%-40% apply rate.

Final stage

You will interview only the top applicants and you will have the final say. We will discuss in detail, each applicant and together, we’ll help you make the final decision.

Onboarding and training

This is where most recruiting companies feel their job is completed and where our team really shines. Leveraging the Inquiry Framework, we’ll spend 8-10 hours training your new hire how to sell better than they ever have.

The Inquiry Framework ensures your salesperson never misses a step and always creates trust, the number 1 factor to earning business, even more, important than price, according to a LinkedIn Study. For select clients, we will also continue to train your new hire every week for an additional 4-6 months.

When you have a follow-up strategy including weekly coaching/training, small businesses see 4X the ROI over a one and done approach.

If you have found us, someone cared enough about you and has seen how good we are to recommend to you. We would love to talk to you and see if we might be a fit to help your organization find their perfect Salesperson, Sales Manager, or Sales Director.

You don’t have to do it alone, the right-fit salesperson will become your most valuable asset. With our help, your new rockstar salesperson will have an immediate impact on your revenue, scalability, and JOY!



We will work to understand your business model, your perfect sales avatar, and whether ImpactSTR can help you save time and increase your revenue.


Todd London

CEO Founding Partner

Armando Villa

VP Founding Partner

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